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(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)

(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)
(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)
(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)
(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)
(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)

(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)

(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black). Clearance Type : S4 Clearance roofs - Noticable damage or issues. Clearance Extra Detail : Standard Grey Cotton Tent, minor dip in roof, scuffs and scratches.

Clearance General : A Poptop roof that has either lost some of its moulded shape due to errors in the manufacturing process or that has noticeable damage which is significant but still possible to repair if you know what you are doing. The roof comes supplied with a Standard Grey canvas if no tent is shown. The roofs with moulding issues or where the roof dips, are still usable if you don't mind the undulations that are shown. The heavy discounted price reflects the condition of the roof. We have been supplying elevating campervan roofs to the UK and world wide for over 10 years and we currently offer the widest range of products suitable for many types of campervan conversions.

Each roof has been made with quality products and assembled in our works by experienced operatives in the UK. This product is an elevating roof kit only and it includes. Gas Struts & Hinge Brackets.

Cotton canvas perimeter tent with front windows, side mesh vent windows including night vent and velcro cover. Edge strips to fasten tent down.

Strengthening frame or strengthening parts as required. There are a number of companies that can fit roofs to your vehicle and we also offer a fitting service.

Please note that fitting is not included in the roofs price as the cost of fitting is dependent on a large number of factors. We are happy to discuss fitting with you if this is a service you are interested in. 1 year for the gas springs and tent cover.

Damage due to excessive wear and tear, abuse or mishandling is not covered. Tent colour and style is indicated in the product info tab. Limited as this is a clearance item.

Can I install my own roof. Many of our customers install their own roofs however for best results we always recommend that you have your campervan roof installed by a trained competent fitter or fitting company. Fitting information sheets are provided for most products although the sizes shown are guide lines only as final tolerance adjustments will need to be made during the setting out and installation to achieve the best fitting. Generic fitting instructions are provided on certain roof models for our universal roofs. In some instances you may need to make additional roof strengthening alterations and carry out alterations to suit your vehicle. Help and advice can be offered by contacting our technical team.

Can you fit the roof for me. Recommendations for fitting a roof. The following are key points you should review before installing a campervan roof. 1 Always look at the vehicle and the instruction carefully so you understand each point before proceeding as mistakes can be costly.

2 Check that the roof containing hole is correctly marked out as per our diagram before cutting. It is important to check that the distance from the front of your roof to the front of the roof opening is correct and the same at the back. You should try the roof on the van before you mark out. 3 If you are having the roof painted you should mark and trim the roof to size before you send it to the painters. 4 Take care not to get any paints or fluids or sustances of any kind on the canvas as these can leave a stain that you may not be able to remove.

6 Apply protection covers to the vehicle inside and out to prevent accidental damage/scratching. 7 Ensure the frame work and tent are sealed correctly and check for water ingress. We also recommend you drive your vehicle to check for metal movement noises as soon as the roof is in place and before you start doing interior finishes.

8 Allow clearance distance for the spoiler if you are fitting one as there is a movement of 15mm when the roof and gas springs are in the closed position. 9 The roof should closes correctly and be central before you fasten the tent.

10 Do not close the roof with the gas springs fitted if the tent has not been fitted as this will stress the hinges. Advice on having a roof painted. We do not provide a painting service however you can get your roof painted.

For best results you should always use a professional. It is essential that the correct preparation, process and materials are used and you have your roof painted at your own risk.

If you do decide to have your roof painted please note the following. Before starting the preparation for the spraying of the roof, the roof must be pre cured at 40-50 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours to remove any residual moisture content. This is especially necessary with dark colours.

Inspect the surface of the roof for pores or air pockets. If necessary puncture these places and fill them with polyester based filler. Sand the gel coat surface with a rotary sander using 280-grit or finer abrasive paper.

Then apply 2 pack high build primer to create an undercoat for the topcoat. Once primer has cured, sand with the rotary sander using 500-grit or finer abrasive paper. The surface must be dry and free from dust, grease and silicone. For the final topcoat use 2C-HS paint and for a more resistant surface apply 2C-HS-Clear coat.

Please note: At no time should the drying temperature exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Can a roof rack be fitted to the roof. Fitting and using a roof rack is entirely at your own risk and we will accept no liabilty if the fitting or use of a roof rack causes damage to your roof. Purchasing and installing a campervan roof is a significant financial commitment and ordering the wrong roof, cancelling a bespoke order or not inspecting your roof when it is delivered can be costly.

Within the UK you will need to provide the driver with assistance to offload your roof. Roofs should be handled and stored with care. This week may change depending on circumstances. Even though you have been given an appoximate time you should ensure you are available between 8am and 7pm.

Dispatch timescale depend on our current stock levels and if you have added bespoke requirements and optional extras. As a guideline standard UK for roofs in stock are ready for dispatch in 3-4 weeks. Roofs with bespoke options usually take between 4-7 weeks. Collecting your roof from us.

Once inspected and collected the roof is no longer our responsibility so we recommend that you collect the roof in person so that it can be inspected. If you decide to use a third party courier then your roof will need to be crated which costs extra to help prevent damage in transit. If collecting in person we recommend that you pay extra for crating to protect the roof while in transit.

You should also take the following into account to avoid disappointment. We recommend that the roof is collected in a covered vehicle and that is is wrapped, stacked and tied carefully to avoid damage.

Do not collect the roof on the vehicle you are fitting the roof to as on most instances it will not fit inside that vehicle. From past experience, using a roof rack to transport your new roof is not recommended.

VAT is exempt if all vat information is provided. This information is required by the ports to avoid hold ups.

As a guideline most roofs are ready for dispatch in 3-4 weeks. Roofs with bespoke options can take between 4-7 weeks. Note that this does not cover the time that the roof will spend in transit. Please ensure you have the necessary assistance or equipment to offload. It is also your responsibility to remove and dispose of any packaging.

VAT isexempt if all vat information is provided to us. Please do not fit a roof to your vehicle without first checking that your campervan conversion meets local driving agency standards. It is your responsibility to ensure that any vehicle conversions have the correct documentation and meets local safety standards. We do not give out specific advice because standards vary from country to country and can even change between different test centres. TUV approval may be required within Europe.

Approval has been given previously and can be given on any of our roof types based upon the manufacture technical information, roof drawings and roof fitting instructions that we provide however you should approach your local test centre directly to check. The following information may need to be offered to your local vehicle testing centre.

Videos and copies of the test certificate / report are available for our main roof types on request. Return and replacement due to sizing issues.

Bespoke items are products that have been specifically manufactured for you and include tents in non standard colours and materials. Rear elevator roofs are made to order and are therefore bespoke items. Any tent that is not the Standard Grey Cotton Canvas Tent. Any roof manufactured in black. Side elevating and vertical elevating roofs excluding vertical elevating mini roofs.

(50281) Clearance Ford Transit Custom LWB Rear Elevating Roof (Black)